4 Reasons Why Photographers Need Backup Equipment

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Corporate Photography Services

Technology is an integral part of daily lives, whether it’s for personal or work use. Due to numerous moving parts, technology tends to breakdown or work intermittently at the worst possible time. By photographing over 5,000 events on a yearly basis, we have firsthand experience in the weird world of camera equipment malfunctions. Below you can find our reasons for having backup equipment for every piece of technology we utilize.

  1. Downtime: If a camera or a lens decide to act out, we are capable to capture the next image within a minute. We will not miss the photo of the award recipient or the closing keynote speech due to camera dropping on the floor or lens stopping to properly focus.
  2. Event Planner Peace of Mind: Conferences, conventions and events in general have numerous moving parts. Event planners can rest assured that the photographer will handle any technical difficulties coming their way. Our photographers can serve our clients best by being unobtrusive and with minimal hand holding. We are there to assist you and not to add another thing for you to concern yourself with.
  3. Photographers State of Mind: understanding that there is backup equipment will not send your photographer into a frantic state which is often noticeable and intrusive to the flow of the event. The Photographic coverage of your event should not end at the moment of the equipment failure. We have even seen a keynote speaker shot with a cellphone out of desperation.
  4. Creativity: Occasionally, challenges arise that even the most experienced meeting planners cannot predict:
  • Attendees are loving the greenscreen PhotoShare Kiosk with prints and what happens when there is a larger than predicted number of prints needed? Our technician might decide to connect the second printer to speed up the printing process.
  • Our photographer is capturing headshots for the client, but the CEO of the company has asked for a group shot in the middle of the session. Instead of breaking down the current setup, our photographer might utilize the backup camera to photograph the group, keeping the show running smoothly.

It’s the experience we have that sets Christie’s apart from the competition. Let us help you have a smooth event!

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