Experienced Tradeshow Exhibit Photographers


Tradeshow exhibits require months of design, can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and take a team to install. These eye-catching convention spectacles draw in new clientele and help companies build relationships. Our team provides professional exhibit photography nationwide.

We can offer in booth social media photo opportunities to help collect email addresses and provide potential new customers a fun, free photo to share – branded, of course!

To help booth designers, suppliers, and exhibitors themselves document their design, we offer specialty exhibit photography services. Contact us for pricing and more details.

We Understand the Business of Booth, Display & Exhibit Photography

Christie’s will make sure we provide experienced photographers to Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando or anywhere else in the country where your exhibit is being showcased. Our photographers have the experience to know the best shots to take and how to capture high quality images to show your clients. You will have great images of your display to use on marketing materials, helping you further your business. Our expert photographers will take photos that show the important details that others may miss.

Photography Services to Increase the Return on Your Exhibit Investment

You have invested time, money and hard work into your exhibits. To make it more memorable for convention and tradeshow attendees, Christie’s photography staff can offer services like photo giveaways with your staff, models or celebrities. Such photos are a great way to convert tradeshow prospects into customers and help them spread your brand with the amazing photos Christie’s expert photography staff can help you provide. Call or email one of national photography offices today for a consultation on the ways Christie’s Photographic Solutions can use photography to document your exhibit, increase “stickiness” and market the exhibit and your brand for years to come.

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Photography Specialists
To ensure that your next event is photographed well, contact us today for a free event photography consultation and estimate.

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