PhotoShare Kiosks

On-Site PhotoShare Kiosks

PhotoShare Kiosks For Your Next Corporate Event

PhotoShare Kiosks – Instant Social Media Engagement

After the photo is taken, attendees come up to the touch screen PhotoShare Kiosk, find the photo they like best, then share by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or text message. We can also print photos and place them in a folder for guests to take home.

The PhotoShare Kiosk can be added for a one-night event or a multi-day convention, and is often popular for green screens and portraits!

Additional PhotoShare Kiosk Add Ons:

  • On Site Printing
  • Props

PhotoShare Kiosks For Your Next Event

One of the things that we always hear from attendees is, “Where’s our photographs? How can we get our photographs?” Get your photos in the hands of your attendees faster than ever before. Make them shareable on all forms of social media and email with the PhotoShare Kiosks. Another great photography service from the innovators in event photographic services. Your attendees can come up to our touch screen kiosk, find the picture that they like the best. You have the option of e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or we can print it, put it in a folder for them as a great takeaway for the evening. This could be done for a one-night event, or a multi-day convention, whatever you need done.