Which Photo Print Size Is Right For My Client?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Corporate Photography Services, Destination Management Company

We all strive for a sense of belonging. A photo with your friend, a VIP or a family member always invokes emotion. In our experience the biggest emotional reaction you will get is in being a part of collective; a large group assembled to share, collect and promote ideas and what better way to commemorate this than with a group photograph. In the years past many have completely abandoned the touch piece but the print is making its come back. How can you bring the printed photograph to your event?

Please consider the following:

  • Size: What is the number of people in the photo?
  • Location: Are we shooting indoor or outdoor? Are we in front of a background, outside on a lawn, on staircases, on risers, in foyer, etc?
  • Equipment: Could we set up strobes or shoot with available light and flash?
  • Graphics: Will I be using a greenscreen graphic, graphic frame, logo or any verbiage?
  • Time needed: Scouting takes 10-30 minutes (in most cases we are familiar with any group or photo station location on hotel grounds), set-up takes 45min-1hr minutes depending on equipment and group people size, and shooting depends on the contracted assignment.
  • Usage: Will you be printing in certain size or using for newsletter/website only?
  • Signage/Props: Will you be photographing groups in front of a sign? With a vehicle? Would the greenscreen photos include props? Maybe you will be shooting in front of hotel décor piece or in front of a landmark?

Deciding which print size works best can be daunting. For that reason we have created a simple breakdown below:

Aspect Ratio and Print Size:

4×6 Photo Prints

  • Aspect ratio most cameras shoot
  • No cropping necessary
  • Smallest print size
  • Ideal for photobooth photos, couples, greenscreen
  • OK for smaller groups
  • Available ON-SITE

5×7 Photo Prints

  • Minimal cropping required
  • Industry standard print size
  • Great for couples, step and repeat, awards, greenscreen
  • Ideal for medium sized group shots taken from the ladder or on risers
  • Available ON-SITE

Panoramic Crops (12×18, etc)

  • Cropping required
  • Ideal for wide groups shot from the eye level
  • NOT available ON-SITE – RUSH OPTIONS available

Photo Orientations:

Whether you are providing a custom frame or utilizing many of our folder options it is important to make sure you have the correct orientation predetermined. In most case our graphic team can prepare a horizontal and vertical graphic option for your event.


  • Step and Repeat
  • Groups
  • Awards
  • Greenscreen


  • Couples
  • Groups on staircases
  • Full length greenscreen

Graphic Options:

When deciding on the print size consider the desired graphics. Complex graphic options are not recommended for smaller sizes as they take away from the photo and the graphics might not be sized to ideal legibility.

  • Logo only
  • Verbiage only
  • Custom designed frame

Which Photo Print Size

Folder Options:

All of our prints come with an elegant black cardboard folder which is ideal for any type of an event.

[mpsl prints]

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Qualified Equipment List

We ask candidates to have at minimum a 24-70mm and 70-200mm lens in addition to one of the camera bodies below.

Suitable for backup:
1DX Mark II
5D Mark IV
Suitable for backup:
6D Mark II
5D Mark III
a9 II
a7R IV
a7 III
Suitable for backup:
GFX 100
Suitable for backup: