CPS Pets

Christie’s Photographic Pets

Hi my name is Riley, I was rescued by my wonderful parents , Keith & Kathy, after coming down from West Virginia 12 years ago ending up at Pet Rescue by Judy. I still chase lizards and they hang out of my mouth until my mommy yells and let me out. Squirrels are getting a little too fast but I still try. Life is good!

My name is Frankie and, yes, I’m named after ‘Ole Blue Eyes. My folks rescued me from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas when I was only 4 months old, I’m 1 1/2 now. When I’m not hangin’ by the pool I’m usually lounging around the house, at doggie day-care or taking rides in the car with my dad running errands. I do have a “dog’s life!”

My name is Pixie. My owners Jeniffer and Dennis adopted me from an animal shelter in Las Vegas, NV. I love rolling in the grass, chasing after the ocean, taking walks, getting treats and having people pet me all day long. I love all people and just about all people love me.”

My name is Indigo and I am the Chief Farting Officer at 2 Shades of Blue. Retriever by name only I considered myself one of the most photographed labs in the history. A guide dog reject, in my 10 years on this planet, I have logged in over 10 000 hiked miles and I have swum in hundreds of rivers, creeks lakes and pool. My favorite things are squirrels, rolling on the grass and swimming. “