CPS Pets

Hi, my name is Callie Boots and I live part-time with Kristin and Trey. I’m three years old and was rescued as a kitten from a barn. My favorite words are “NOW” and “NO” which are usually used in the contexts of wanting treats or being asked if I‘m hiding behind the curtains again. I love being scratched and having my belly rubbed until I decide I’m done, in which case your hand is now the enemy and I will attack it. Boxes and soft blankets are my favorite.

Hi my name is Riley, I was rescued by my wonderful parents , Keith & Kathy, after coming down from West Virginia 12 years ago ending up at Pet Rescue by Judy. I still chase lizards and they hang out of my mouth until my mommy yells and let me out. Squirrels are getting a little too fast but I still try. Life is good!

Cat 1: Well hello there! I’m a gray tabby named Eleanor and my arch nemesis here is a black and white diva named Marilyn.
Cat 2: I’m not a diva and I hate you.
Cat 1: Moving on! We are local rescues now living a life of luxury with our Meowmy. She knows we deserve love and affection and makes sure we have all the toys, canned food, and affection we need.
Cat 2: When we aren’t bickering or sleeping, we are running around the house, jumping on things, and getting our catnip fix. Life is good!

My name is Frankie and, yes, I’m named after ‘Ole Blue Eyes. My folks rescued me from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas when I was only 4 months old, I’m 1 1/2 now. When I’m not hangin’ by the pool I’m usually lounging around the house, at doggie day-care or taking rides in the car with my dad running errands. I do have a “dog’s life!”

My name is Pixie. My owners Jeniffer and Dennis adopted me from an animal shelter in Las Vegas, NV. I love rolling in the grass, chasing after the ocean, taking walks, getting treats and having people pet me all day long. I love all people and just about all people love me.”

Hi! My name is Archie. I was separated from my family early on, and spent most of my time chasing birds, looking for food, and running away from loud noises! I still do most of those things, but now I have a house of my own that I share with two human roommates who are always trying to hug me. My favorite toys are my mouse, and a little pink flamingo whose leg mysteriously went missing.”

My name is Indigo and I am the Chief Farting Officer at 2 Shades of Blue. Retriever by name only I considered myself one of the most photographed labs in the history. A guide dog reject, in my 10 years on this planet, I have logged in over 10 000 hiked miles and I have swum in hundreds of rivers, creeks lakes and pool. My favorite things are squirrels, rolling on the grass and swimming. “