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In the era of Netflix, Amazon, and Uber we are growing accustomed to living in the on demand society and conditioning ourselves to shorter and shorter content value lifespan. News, articles, blog posts, and any other informational content we consume on daily basis needs to stand out and make an impact; otherwise it gets lost in the crowd and dies. How does this relate and impact photography in the meeting and convention industry?

Our photographers are trained to shoot for usability and not necessarily for post processing. What does that allow you to do as a meeting planner? You can easily take photos during or right after the event from the photographer and share them. Whether you are doing a press release, internal newsletter, social media updates, or live view slideshows the images our photographers shoot will be ideal for this.  Contact us for more information on On-site Photo Delivery options.

Let us not forget about that touch piece. Prints are making a comeback. Whenever something is absent for a while the nostalgia kicks in. Attendee can walk out of your event with a keepsake that can be branded, theme specific and with a quality folder.

If you are looking for a speck of instant gratification consider booking the Instant Wireless Slideshow. Our roaming photographers interact with the attendees and take fun shots that immediately are shown on a large screen.  Photographer can surprise them by having them turn around and witness the image in epic proportions or by prepping them ahead of time and allowing them to take a selfie with themselves.

What does the future hold for us? We are looking towards the Facial recognition photo sharing, in camera direct image transmission, or a far fetched syncing to your brain implant storage unit. Be sure that Christie’s Photographic Solutions will be on top of it.

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