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Greenscreen On-Site Event Photographers

Take your guests to an unforgettable location with a custom greenscreen photography background. Outer space, foreign cities, and the beach are just a green screen away!

Add your logo and send attendees home with prints so they will always remember the event. Green screens can be added to print packages and the PhotoShare Kiosk for instant, shareable fun!

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Make Your Events More Memorable with Greenscreen Photography

How can you make your next event unforgettable and greatly increase your Return On Investment? Have Christie’s Photographic set up a Greenscreen at your next event to create fun photographs of your attendees. With green screen photography, our professional event photographers can transport your guests to a tropical island or or far away planet. Either way, not only are the photos fun but they are keepsakes that will sit on your customers and employees desks instead of in a drawer.

Popular Greenscreen Photography Add-Ons


Custom Props

Photoshare Kiosks

Make Your Event Photographs More Memorable with Greenscreen Photography

Green Screen Event Photos are Shared for Years to Come

When attendees take a green screen event photo, they show it to others. A conversation is started with your event at the center. You are reinforcing your company’s brand and spreading the word about the event. A picture can say a thousand words about your business, your brand and your next convention, but only if that picture is shared. Make sure your customers and prospects share the photo with fun green screen photos.

Building Team Spirit with Fun Group Photos

If your next event is a national sales meeting or executive conference, add some fun with green screen group photos. Not only are they fun and memorable, but green screen group photos build camaraderie and team spirit among employees.