Event Photography: Value vs Price

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Corporate Photography Services, Destination Management Company

Do you ever wonder why the fast paced world around you makes everything feel so blurry? Everyone is fighting for your attention. Pick me, pick me, pick me! Abundant choices, non stop information, and conflicting opinions are all making decision making more difficult. As eye opening as Internet is, it has allowed misinformation and choice paralysis to take center stage. What does this mean for you as a meeting planner?

You need criteria to take in consideration when seeking your next photography partner. The following comprising criteria will help you select the correct choice by looking at overall value:

We live in a personalized world. This is the reason why we do not display prices. We do not sell a product. We sell a partnership.  Value of such partnership is the ultimate metric. Our price reflects our value. The minimal hand holding required, 24/7 availability, nationwide photography value. Photo archives, professional attire, meeting and convention specialization value.  Continuous professional development, full photo usage rights, full liability insurance value. Industry support, innovative photo sharing products, industry leading turn around time value.

On the backend, each partner is assigned to a client rep to personalize the packages and prices to best fit your budget and goals.  Long gone are the days of the “one size fits all” mentality.  Our system is set up in a way where all inquires are funneled through one e-mail account through which you will correspond with your representative. In an instance where your representative is out of the office, traveling or on vacation a secondary rep can step in and pick up right where the conversation was left off. Your e-mails get replied to promptly and your quotes and contracts are sent ASAP.

We will NOT participate in the race to the bottom as we know the value of our service, personnel and product. We are not interested in becoming a commodity.  We hope you feel the same about your business.

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