The Christie's Photographic Advantage

The Christie’s Photographic Advantage

The team at Christie’s believes in what they do – providing quality services at fair prices. Below are some of the ways Christie’s stands apart from other photography companies.

34 Years Of Corporate Photography Experience

We have over 34 years of experience photographing events, large and small. Since we focus on event and corporate photography, we understand the important shots, how to interact with the trade show attendees, when and where our photographers need to be.

24/7 Availability

We have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a last minute event change or need a photographer, we are here for you.

Tailored Pricing

Though we offer structured pricing, we welcome the opportunity to speak to each one of our clients to find their needs and put together the services that fit their events best. So from small, quiet events that need a photographer to capture fun moments to larger-scale events with iLite cameras and green screen booths, our team wants your event to get the best possible photography options and will work with you to set that up.

Fully Insured Services

Christie’s maintains full liability coverage for our photographers. At the majority of our regularly staffed venues, our certificate of insurance is already on file. When we are working at your event, you don’t have to worry about insurance.

Industry Involvement

We are actively engaged with Destination Management Companies and Associations including PCMA, MPI, IAEE, NACE, ILEA, LVHA, AMPs and more. For more information, check out our Industry Involvement Page.

Large Team Of Professional Photographers

In every business, there is competition, and photography is no different. We believe not only in the quality services we provide, but also the service oriented business in which we operate. Many photography companies are run by a single photographer. Because we have a team of photographers working with us, when you have a last minute event, we have a network to contact to get your event covered. With individual photographers, you take the risk of his or her illness leaving you stranded. Christie’s photographs large and small events alike. Having a professionally trained, dedicated staff allows you planning flexibility. One photographer here…10 photographers there! It also means we never tell you no; there is always backup. This is very important for last minute requests or add on’s.

Professional Attire

Our staff knows to dress appropriately for your event, wearing business appropriate outfits. You won’t see us in jeans.

Reliable History

Check out our References page for notes directly from our clients. We are the preferred partner for many venues and DMC’s, because we have proven we can be counted on.

Ongoing Training

We believe a great team is always growing an developing, which is why we provide ongoing training to our team. Quality matters.

Full Usage Rights

With Christie’s, you always own your photos.