For The Love Of Animals

For The Love Of Animals

Here at Christie’s, all of us are animal lovers. Wednesday’s are official Indigo days (Dean’s black lab) and Bob Christie’s dog Luis can be seen often roaming through the halls and studio.

Our president, Bob Christie, is a true animal lover with a passion for rescue dogs. With his favorite phrase, ”We didn’t rescue him, he rescued us,” Bob includes a paw in most of Christie’s branding material. During his boat racing career, the paw was prominent on the boat and promotional shirts. To showcase how much we appreciate the special bond we have with our pets, we have added a special page to our website for our official office animals. Visit our CPS Pets page for more photos.

One of the biggest animal activists in the office is our Quality Assurance Specialist, Emily. She volunteers on the weekend at the local shelter, Orange County Animal Services, photographing cats. She works with Pawsitive Shelter Photography, a local group that specializes in photographing for shelters. PSP’s goal is to take photos of the adoptable animals in a way that showcases their personalities to open up the doors to a loving home. With OCAS taking in an average of 55 animals a day (including dogs and cats), showcasing animals personalities in an image gives them an opportunity to shine.

“When I first started working with Pawsitive Shelter Photography, there were only dog photographers on board,” Emily says. “I asked my sister to join me in starting to photograph cats so that they, too, could have a chance.”

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“The intake photos used online are often blurry, low quality images of a scared animal that has just arrived. We get to take them out, spend some time and play with them, and let them warm up to us so that we can capture a photo of the real cat in that cage.”

“The shelter is a scary place for cats and dogs, and we want visitors to see how special they are. I’ll never be able to help them all, but making a difference in one cat or dog’s life makes it worth every second.”

For more information on Pawsitive Shelter Photography, visit

To see all the adoptable pets at Orange County Animal Services, check out

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